He eats eggs! It’s a miracle! A change in fussy eating……. and it was none of our doing.

Eggs are a big thing in our house. Eggs are our breakfast of champions. That was apart from our four year old, he wouldn’t touch them. We had tried everything. We had negotiated, we had asked nicely, we had got frustrated and asked not so nicely. We had explained the health benefits of all that tasty protein… he did not care. We tried to convince him with fuzzy logic…you like eggs in pancakes and cakes, so why will you not try omelette… please try the omelette…. Try the omelette!

He was unflinching. To his credit, he would try most things but eggs just were not happening. Until one day. We were at a friend’s house and they have chickens. The kids who were there went into the chicken coop and discovered freshly laid eggs. They wrote their names on them and we took his home with our son proudly declaring that he would eat his in the morning. We were not optimistic given the historic struggle with eggs but come breakfast time the following day all past conflict were seemingly forgotten. His egg was boiled, his toast was soldiered and the simplest of breakfast pleasures was presented for his approval. We awaited the last minute change of heart but, to our surprise, he tucked in as if like it was the best breakfast ever. WTF.

Ok, he only ate the runny yoke and was not a fan of the egg white but none the less we could tick the box that he had eaten egg. I am happy to report that he still does. We half expected the irrational change of heart that all kids go through, “you liked it yesterday?”…… “now it’s yucky!”. We still let him write his name on the eggs and, unsurprisingly he enjoys bashing the egg to get into it. The end result, regardless of circumstance, is that he now eats egg. The interesting part, from a parent’s point of view, was that all our negotiations, requests, bribes and emotional bargaining had had no effect. He came to eggs through his own interest, maybe through a little bit of peer pressure following the other egg hunters but certainly through no efforts of our own.

This experience sparked an interest in what the possibilities might be. This was one small step in terms of our breakfast options but could this success be scaled? As I mentioned, we are fortunate that our children are not particularly fussy eaters but we definitely pander to their tastes. We eat similar meals but if we were to have fresh fish we would also serve fish fingers. Not the end of the world but just one example of how we compromise our kid’s diet. Do intuits do this? Are fish fingers being served in igloos (apologies for the stereotype!)? I doubt it. There must be a simple way to satisfy our children without making concessions in their diet. To be continued….

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