At one time I had hoped to have a compendium of recipes on my site…. who knows, one day I might have. But for now, I do not. The main reason is that these days we all one click away from thousands of amazing recipes with hundreds of sites and bloggers who are 100% dedicated to producing incredible tried and tested recipes. I love to cook and I do post recipes but my focus is on strategies for getting kids to eat. They are strategies that work and can make a real difference in people’s lives…. my recipe for bolognese sauce is great… but it is not life changing!

But fear not, what I do have is this post, one of my most popular which is a list of more than 50 family meals that our kids love:

Google the ones you like and find a recipe that suits your taste (and your geographical location if you have a preference for cups over millilitres!).

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Happy Cooking!

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